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Craig by Kimmy-Faith-Raven

My name is Craig, and I like to have a sense of humor, and enjoys making forms of art that enhance my hobby. I'm a general hobbiest, artist, and a creator of my own video production company "Cruiseshipz Studios". The logo I show off in my posts, represents a cruise ship that brings the entertainment that keeps sailing for my ideas that is brought out to the media.

If you enjoy viewing my work and other pieces, feel free to favorite my work and expect to see more that I wish to share. However, there's only one rule I have for art viewing: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

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How are you, fellow peepers and deviants? I do apologize that I'm not fully active with DeviantArt since the day I submitted a screenshot during Titanic week. To make it up, I want to bring you up to date on how I've been doing outside of this site and YouTube.

Yesterday, I graduated from college and celebrated my achievement by doing the boogie at a wedding reception. Life was going slow as of this year, but my patience is still going strong with a few positives. For one thing, while I was doing well in my last fourth semester class, I'm able to keep working till Election Day in November. Plus, I have very few friends who has kept me motivated when I have nobody to talk to.

Some negatives I had from the last few years of school in my time was like being a lone wolf. Friends came and went before me, assignments and tasks pile up, anxiety and depression rates boosted, and summer and winter vacations freeze-framed endlessly. This final semester was a little bit like what I mentioned. In fact, I attended my morning course every tuesday morning, and I can only rely on believing in myself in order to be successful. I know it sounds personal, but I felt thankful that it's over.

Right now, I'm looking for answers to questions on what to do in a new chapter of mine (my own future as a college graduate, and a technical individual with some artistic experience). In fact, I'm imagine myself writing a story of a college student, with autism, who goes through obstacles in life on his own. This idea came to me since the day I posted drawings of myself based on life experiences deep inside and outside of my imagination while living in the dark. If anyone is interested in hearing more details about this idea, let me know what kind of suggestions you have.

If you're wondering if I'll also be going back into drawing more ships again, I have some good news. While I'll be facing important parts of my life, I'll do my best to share new drawings of a few upcoming commemorations this year: The Andrea Doria and the HMHS Britannic. July 26 would be the day to commemorate 60 years since the Italian passenger liner, Andrea Doria, sank for 10-hours after the Swedish liner, Stockholm, rammed her starboard hull off on a foggy night near Nantucket. November 21st would be this year's 100th anniversary of the day Titanic's ill-fated sister ship, Britannic, struck a mine at 7-miles from the Greek Islands in the Kea Channel. I'll also try to post a new Titanic drawing as a gift from my mom's friend from Ireland. In fact, her friend requested me to draw it for her, so I'll be working with that as much as I can.

That's all I have to say for this update. Like I said, my apologizes for not keeping in touch with any artwork and journals, life is putting me under the rocks from the beginning. But now, I've finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm feeling as free as a dove. Hopefully you'll look forward to see what would come up in my gallery, and have a great rest of May.
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Her Angelic Soul by cruiseshipz
Her Angelic Soul
My recent painting of something angelic and holy. This is something that came to my mind, and outside of my own prospective. It depicts a woman who represents her own spirit that shines others, including the one she's friends with the one who understands her different and enchanting personality. I painted it by memory, and it's done by acrylics with many sizes of brushes. #acrylicpainting #angelic 
Leaving Southampton by cruiseshipz
Leaving Southampton
On this day, 1916, Titanic's sister ship, the Britannic, had began her voyage as a hospital ship en route to the mediterranean. She was originally registered as a passenger liner, but due to a war breakout between England and Germany, the government converted her to a hospital ship to care for the sick and wounded soldiers before her unpredictable fate. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of HMHS Britannic, there will be more sketches coming soon.
Cruiseshipz Studios Logo - Halloween Variant by cruiseshipz
Cruiseshipz Studios Logo - Halloween Variant
Sorry that I can't provide anything special, but this is all I can share for something I worked on yesterday. Happy Halloween, peeps!
10 Hours In Distress by cruiseshipz
10 Hours In Distress
This is it, after midnight on this foggy night, in 1956, the Swedish liner, SS Stockholm (now known today as the Astoria) struck the Italian luxury liner, Andrea Doria, and her bow rammed the liner's starboard side, killing 51 of her passengers. Immediately, the Andrea Doria began listing, and everyone had to evacuate.

At 20 miles off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, she remained afloat while listing at 20 degrees after an immediate distress call was contacted for French Liner, the SS Ile De France, two navy ships and the coast guard. With that, almost all 1,700 victims were saved by four ships. Before the Doria slowly capsized on that morning, her final moments were filmed and photographed by Pulitzer Prize winner, Harry Trask, and plunged beneath.

For 60 years, this was considered one of the longest and most notable disasters in maritime history, and the Andrea Doria is remembered for her luxury, and as the Mount Everest of deep exploration beneath the Atlantic. #ssandreadoria
The Italian Lady In Black by cruiseshipz
The Italian Lady In Black
The SS Andrea Doria's final stop before cruising to the Atlantic where she meets her fate. With the ocean liner's 60th anniversary of her sinking coming up on the morning of July 26th, I'm paying her many respects by doing a few sketches of her before she would rest in the bottom. 🇮🇹

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